Catharsis - Imago

Catharsis - Imago

Исполнитель: Catharsis
Было добавлено: 29 июн 2020 в 21:34
Длительность: 03:51
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[Mission / Avlasenko]

Change your heart for strangest living
Strength in weaklings, strong ones weeping
Go through pain and come out chainless
You're reached Bliss, but still you're restless

[Bridge I, II]
Maybe I will know
What's there in my soul
And my road will flow
To place I've always had to go... but...

[Chorus I, II]
Let my road go long
So I can look down the depth of my heart
And to fight there the ghosts
That chain my soul
And stop their laughter
That's tearing me
While road goes on...

Strive for love for all that's dear
Yet each step still brings you near
Final cry and very last breath
When your soul becomes a Goddess

[Bridge III]
Then I'll come to see
What's there in my mind
Rising from my knees
I'll find the Goodness of my kind... and...

[Chorus III]
Let my road be hard
Escaping slumber that's eating my heart
And defiling my soul
Road still goes on
So I can look down my heart and grow strong,
The road goes on...

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